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Composer, and guitarist from Bogotá, Colombia. His music incorporates different traditions that manifest in the realms of Contemporary Classical Music and Music for media.

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Mariangela Quiroga


Colombian born composer, Durán has a Master’s in composition from Mannes School of Music, under the guidance of Joan La Barabara, Katherine Balch, Lisa Bielawa, and Huang Ruo and a Bachelors in classical guitar and composition under the guidance of Sonia Diaz, Gustavo Adolfo Parra, Harold Vasquez, and Mauricio Bejarano.

His music incorporates an eclectic, florid-influenced style together with great musical expressiveness, which has allowed him to participate in projects that require versatility and stylistic knowledge aimed towards story telling.

Deeply influenced by Theatre and Film,  Duran's intention is to expose dramatic devices and their relationship with the perception of time, and to collaborate with other artists through experimentation in order to uplift the potential of texture and timbre across the different settings of both Audiovisual Media and Concert Music settings.

He is recipient of the Republic Bank of Colombia’s fellowship for young talented artists, First Prize in composition by Bogotá Philharmonic, and two-time winner of the National Young Symphonic Composers competition by Caldas Symphony.

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Mariangela Quiroga

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